Its founder Mr. T.W. Lama established Insulated Wall Manufacturing Company in 2012. The company is recognized for manufacturing Polyurethane Insulated Rigid Foam Panels/Sheets, Prefabricated Air-conditioned buildings, Shelters and Cold Rooms, Mobile Shelters for short term projects, Walk in Coolers, Freezing Chambers, Reach in Refrigerators, Ware House Refrigeration.

We, at Insulate Wall Panel believe in a simple strategy to offer the most superior quality products. All our products are backed up by value-added Application Engineering and after Sales Support. We design, develop and manufacture Intelligent Systems, which provide very economical, dependable, long lasting and highly evolved customized solutions. Our product has been associated with prestigious projects for the Hospitality, Medical, Telecommunication, Food Processing and Dairy Industry.

The main objective of the venture is to save Nepal’s environment by reducing the exploitation of natural resources like; sand, cement, brick, stone, aggregate, water, iron etc. Moreover, Insulated Pre-fab house can be constructed very fast there by saving time and money. These types of houses are lightweight and earthquake resistant, thereby saving human life in times of natural calamities. Pre-fab houses can also be relocated to any desired location when required.

Our Vision

Prefabricated houses have emerged as solution that gathered the benefits of high tech modular buildings designs, with convincing modern architecture, and strong environment friendly characteristics.

Insulate Wall Panel Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd. (IWPMC), which is the sole company in producing prefabricated ready to use houses in Nepal, understood the importance of living environment on the quality of our lives. This understanding supports the design philosophy of IWPMC in all prefabricated houses ranges it produces. Our accommodation solutions enjoy a lot of outstanding characteristics.

The high quality finishes, and the modern and functional spacious designs, together make our houses the most comfortable solution for long term accommodation.

Flexibility in production because of the modular nature of manufacturing prefabricated houses, which enables quick and accurate production based on customer and requirements.

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